Village Candle Wizards Owl 26oz Large Jar Candle

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Flying through the night sky delivering charmed letters, the moonlight sparkles off the wings of the magical owl. The fresh, dewy air glides under his wings and dances through rich bergamot, as bright lemon shines like the stars scattered across the sky.The stoic owl soars silently, only announcing himself with an enchanting ‘hoot’. 

Size: 26oz

Burn Time:up to 170 hours

 Designed and manufactured in the USA

Two hand trimmed cotton wicks

High grade,food quality, paraffin wax

Highest quality fragrance oils


Each candle jar has two wicks. The wicks are made from solid cotton. A candle jar with two wicks burns cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure clean fragrances.